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Portrait I did of Queen Elizabeth in 2016. 

About Me...

I am a Portrait Artist living in Derby, England. I specialise in coloured pencils creating highly professional 

photorealsitic portraits onto Bristol Board. .

I take Commission orders, hand drawn to create a keepsake for you or your loved ones for years to come.

I started drawing when I was in school, which is where I found that I had a skill and keen interest in Art. I then went on to college, where I progressed with my Art skills and picked up new techniques which lead me to become more and more passionate about Art. Before I realised I could draw portraits, I originally started with drawing landscapes and objects, which is where I picked up techniques for blending and introduced new materials. My drawings started off in just black and white, I then progressed to colour which I originally found quite difficult to use, but with a lot of practice, it got easier.

 I became intrigued with the idea of photorealistic drawings. Seeing a portrait come to life on paper.

 I have an eye for detail, and every portrait requires a lot of time and patience. I decided to share my drawings on social media which has attracted a large audience around the world. I like to draw portraits of people who my audience are familiar with, including celebrities and public figures. My work had been recognised by many celebrities such as David Beckham, Vin Diesel, Gordon Ramsay and the England Team. I am now an Ambassador for Derby County Community Trust.


Interviewing for Derby County Community Trust. 2019


Portrait I did of Harry and Meghan in 2018. 

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