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This page displays some of my best pieces of work, some of which have been recognised by the celebrities themselves such as David Beckham, Gordon Ramsay and Jordan Pickford.


This is one of the largest pieces I have worked on. This was inspired by The Beatles Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts album cover. It shows famous faces, past and present from Derby. It was created in May 2019 for the This Is Derby project which I worked on alongside Artcore and a group of Year 4 children. They created their own version of the piece which I then went on to recreate with my version of it. Both pieces were displayed in an exhibition in Derby and went on to be in the Newspaper and on Derby Radio.



I did this drawing in 2018 of the England Team for the World Cup. My drawing was noticed by Harry Maguire and Jordan Pickford. This drawing did really well across Social Media as it was shared by many people. Jordan Pickford now has one of my England prints in his house. 


I did this drawing of Gordon Ramsay in 2019. My drawing was recognised by Gordon himself, and is now a follower on my Instagram page.

Portrait of Gordon Ramsay in 2019. 

Portrait of David Beckham. 2018

Frank Lampard.jpeg

Drawing of the England Team. 2018


My drawing of David Beckham that I did in 2018. My drawing has been seen by David Beckham himself. This us one of my favourite pieces of work I have done. It was a photo of him from the Royal Wedding (Harry & Meghan).


I previously did a drawing of David Beckham in 2015, here is a photo of my improvements.. 


Piece I did for the This Is Derby project in 2019. Pictured in the photo is Steady Steadman who is in my Derby piece.

Drawing of Frank Lampard. 2018.

Drawing of Stormzy. 2018.


I did this drawing of Stormzy in 2018. This drawing did very well across Social Media, it was shared many times and was noticed by a popular instagram page which boosted up my audience.


Drawing of Aladdin. What inspired me to do this drawing was going to see the film at the cinema. I spent around 2 weeks on this drawing and has been seen by Mena Massoud who plays Aladdin in the film.

Drawing of Aladdin in 2019.


I did this drawing of Frank Lampard in 2018 when he was manager for Derby County. Like the Derby piece, this drawing also made it to the Newspapers.



I did this drawing just before Christmas in 2019. What inspired me to do this drawing was everyones love for Only Fools and Horses. I thought what would make it better was by doing a drawing of the 4 characters together as no photo exists with them all in as Grandad and Uncle Albert were not around at the same time in any of the episodes. With the help of Social Media, my drawing was noticed by John Challis who plays Boycie in the programme.

Only Fools and Horses drawing. 2019.

Tupac framed.jpg


Two of the larger pieces I have worked on. I completed these drawings at the start of 2019. Both drawings did very well across Social Media which helped increase the size of my audience.

Biggie Smalls.jpg


This is a sped up video of me drawing Aladdin. This is one of the few videos I have made for my drawings but it is something I am hoping to be doing more of in the future.