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As well as people portraits, I have commissioned a large number of pet portraits. A few of these are shown on my Gallery page. 


If you are unsure on a photo to choose from or are not sure if the photo will be clear enough to go ahead with the drawing, feel free to send me a message and I can talk you through the requirements and best solutions for the perfect outcome. Whether you may need something removing from the photo or adding on, or changing colour, I will be able to do that for you. I can put separate photos together, if a loved one is no longer with you and you would like them adding to a photo, that is something I will be able to do for you.


Once you have decided what photo you would like, or if you want to send me a few photos, I can see which would be the best quality to use for the drawing.

If you are happy with the price and would like to go ahead with the drawing, I request a 10% deposit which is non refundable. This will make sure that your booking is secure. No further payments would need to be made until I start the drawing. Once the order has been booked in and the 10% deposit has been made, I then take the final payment once I start the drawing.

I will send you an invoice to your email requesting the payment for the deposit and then an invoice for the final payment.You can make payments this way by PayPal or Direct Debit. If you would sooner make half the payment once I start the drawing and the final payment once the drawing is complete, that is also no problem as long as the final payment is made before the drawing is delivered to you.


Once I start the drawing, I can send you progress photos of the drawing coming to life, or you can wait to see the final result. Either way, I will send you a photo of the final outcome to make sure you are 100% happy with the result before I post it to you.

I usually allow up to 2 weeks to complete a drawing from start to finish, larger portraits may take slightly longer, for example, an A2 size drawing, I usually allow up to 3 weeks to complete a drawing of this size. 

I take bookings in advance so I can book it in for whenever it may be that you require it. Even if it is months beforehand, a 10% deposit will make sure that you are guaranteed to have the drawing for the date needed.

During busy periods, especially Christmas time, there will be a waiting list due to commission drawings being a popular gift. Or even throughout the year, there may be a wait to book your order in. Earlier spaces may become available, this way I can book your order in sooner.


I ship my portraits worldwide so please get in touch if you would like my price list in a different currency. For orders to the UK, delivery costs are included in the original price. For anywhere else in the world, let me know whereabouts the drawing will be sent to and I can give you an individual shipping cost.


The table below shows my most popular sizes and number of subjects in a drawing.

Visit my Contact page if you would like to book in for your very own commission piece, or if you would like further information about ordering a commission drawing.


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Watch your drawing come to life with progress photos..

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Commission couple 1.jpg

Let me know if you would like a larger number of subjects in your drawing or a different size and I can send you an accurate quote. These prices are based on a head and shoulders portrait, for drawings including a background, please get in touch for an accurate quote.

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